April 9, 2020

Vehicle loading: rights and wrongs

Overloading is covered under the law, within the Road Traffic Act, Health & Safety at Work Act and The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) regulations.

Make the switch and ‘plug in’

Businesses face a challenging journey to become a zero emissions operation but fleet managers should be considering now whether plug-in light commercial vehicles have a home within their operations, particularly those that operate in urban areas.

The dangers of overloading

With real concerns for operator compliance, productivity and, above all, safety, FORS concession director, John Hix, addresses the weighty concerns of vehicle overloading.

Corporate manslaughter – can your business afford the risk?

Asks David Buckles, new business manager at Northgate Vehicle Hire.

Alternatives will challenge diesel supremacy

The growing cost and complication of meeting future emissions standards for diesel is creating a disincentive against its uptake. At the same time, a new generation of petrol engines is competing closely with diesels on emissions while returning strong fuel consumption figures, and a whole range of hybrid and electric options are creating further relevant […]

Rent to keep your options open

Gareth Jones, managing director of Dawsonrentals | vans on when to rent.

Roads have ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’

A decade of reliance on cheap and brittle road repair materials is taking its toll, according to Warranty Direct’s campaign website, Potholes.co.uk After the UK experienced record rainfall in November and December, followed by snow in January, motorists will face increased journey times as councils and highways authorities close lanes for repairs and average speeds […]