January 18, 2018


The conversions market is getting more streamlined thanks to schemes that make buying – and owning – easier for customers. VW recently lined up a selection of the range offered through its dealers. Dan Gilkes sizes it up.

My van: Jennifer Logan and her Mitsubishi L200

What do you do? I am a cake designer and owner of Stella Pumpkin Cake Design, based in Livingston, central Scotland. What do you use your van for? We use the L200 (a series 5 Barbarian) for larger deliveries, mainly wedding cakes, or off-site cupcake parties where a lot of equipment is required to be […]

My van: Abi Pennick and her Piaggio Ape 50

What do you do? I recently set up my own portable prosecco business – The Fizzical Co – inspired by the growing demand for refreshments at weddings and parties. What do you use your van for?  To sell prosecco! There is a real buzz around prosecco and it has become a hugely popular celebratory drink, […]

The adapting load handling sector

While the cost of petrol and diesel has been fluctuating for many years, when it comes to vehicles that boast better fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and which better meet the needs of the end user, the demand has continued to grow. Vehicles are being required to do more with less, and the focus has […]

my van: Tattooist Tim Bailey and his 2011 Citroën Relay

What do you do?  I am a tattooist with a fully equipped and registered mobile tattoo studio. I can take it to people who may not otherwise be able to get a tattoo – I have tattooed disabled customers who physically cannot get to a studio. It also means I can go to customers at […]

Caddy on gas

A CNG-powered Caddy is available across Europe – but not in right hand drive. Would it sell here? asks Dan Gilkes.

Safe tyre management and your business

Tyres are essential but often overlooked components of your van – yet they are the only parts that actually touch the ground. Many see them as a distress purchase, to be bought only when you absolutely have to and then forgotten about until something goes wrong. However, by paying them a little more attention, you […]

My van: Dan Gilkes and his VW Caravelle

The band seemed underwhelmed when I said I could get a van with seats to carry us all in one vehicle. That was until they got to experience VW’s Generation Six Caravelle, writes Dan Gilkes.

VanUser promotion: Racking and storage

Racking and storage is pretty much an essential for the majority of professional van operators. And there are solutions for just about every application – and if it’s not available ‘off the shelf’ there are companies who can put together bespoke solutions. If you are thinking about kitting out a new fleet or even updating […]

ten top tips: Getting the best price for your vans at selling time

You probably already understand the importance of wholelife costs when running a van fleet. What your vans cost to run is an equation that is a mash-up of front-end price, day-to-day running costs and what you get for your vehicles when you sell them. It’s no good buying a bargain basement van and finding no-one […]