July 21, 2019

New Daily stays true to its truck roots

Iveco has introduced the third generation of its top-selling Daily.

Italian manufacturer Iveco has invested €500 million in development of its third generation Daily van. Daily represents 55 per cent of the company’s global truck and van sales, with more than 2.6 million sold in 110 countries. Though familiar in appearance, around 80 per cent of the body is new and, for the first time, Iveco has split development of the Daily panel van line from its chassis cab range.

In both cases however Daily retains its truck roots, with a separate chassis and body making it easier for body builders to create a wide range of conversions.

Iveco has revised its wheelbase offering, extending wheelbases on some models to reduce rear overhangs and improve stability and handling. This has, in part, allowed the company to further extend the load volumes offered, with new van models now available at 18m3 and a huge 19.6m3.

The new van is certainly imposing, with flared wheel arches and the black line that extends from the A pillars through the headlights and across the grille, creating what designers would call a ‘floating’ bonnet. The headlights are set high up to avoid damage and there is a deeper rubbing strip running around the van to reduce the chance of minor knocks and scrapes.

With panel vans, crew cabs, chassis cabs, chassis cowls and minibus variants, along with a host of engine and driveline options, Iveco claims that there are over 8,000 factory versions of the new Daily available, which could prove a headache both for dealers and for customers. However it also means that operators should be able to find a model that exactly meets their needs.

Beneath that new bonnet are nine 2.3 and 3.0-litre engines with outputs of 106-205hp. Engines are available in both Euro 5b+ light duty emissions ratings and in Euro VI heavy duty specifications. There is still a CNG natural gas engine available for those looking to alternative power sources. Six-speed manual and Agile automated gearboxes are available across the range.

Iveco is promising a 5.5 per cent fuel saving on the new Daily, thanks to improved aerodynamics and increased engine efficiency from low friction piston rings and improved engine oils. There is also an optional EcoPack that includes an Eco switch that allows the driver to change the engine mapping for reduced torque when unladen. This comes with a smart alternator that operates mainly when the accelerator is released, Ecomac air conditioning, low rolling resistance tyres and Start/Stop, all adding up to a potential 14 per cent fuel saving.

All Daily vans up to 3.5 tonnes come with a new Quad-leaf front suspension, that incorporates transverse springs with double wishbones. Heavier models will use a revised version of the existing Quad-tor torsion bar system. Quad-leaf reduces weight and improves handling, yet maintains Daily’s competitive turning circle. Revised rear suspension also increases payload potential and drops the rear floor by 55mm, making the vans easier to load and unload.

Daily has a new interior too, with flowing lines that echo the shape of the bonnet. Seat height has been lowered by 15mm and the top of the windscreen has been raised by 40mm. While that 55mm total might not sound like much, for taller drivers it makes a huge difference, vastly improving visibility, especially when using the sun visor.

Steering wheel size has been reduced and the steering column inclination is cut too, all contributing to a less truck-like driving position.

There is plenty of storage in the cab, with five closed compartments, three cup holders and numerous cubbies and ledges for everyday items. Customers can choose from a range of infotainment systems, including an Iveconnect platform that allows the driver to control radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, sat-nav and a rear view camera through a dash-mounted touchscreen.

In the UK Daily will come in three trim levels. The standard specification includes ESP 9, driver’s airbag and pretensioners, Bluetooth and MP3 compatibility, unglazed rear doors, a full steel bulkhead, central locking, electric windows and a dual passenger seat.

Move up to Daily Plus and you also get cruise control, cornering fog lights, electrically adjustable heated mirrors, a fold-down desk and underseat storage plus a trim panel on the bulkhead.

Daily Top adds to that manual air conditioning, a suspended driver’s seat, full wheel covers and a glove compartment. In addition to these three trim levels customers can order a range of option packs, including the Eco pack, a tipper pack, a towing pack and a winter pack.

Perhaps the biggest news for many customers won’t involve specifications at all though. Iveco has managed to pack all of these changes into new Daily yet says that list prices will be unchanged across Europe for many versions of the van. Combine that with potential fuel savings, a predicted 5 per cent drop in service and maintenance costs and the claim of improved residual values, and Daily continues to offer an increasingly attractive proposition in the heavy van market.