July 21, 2019

Daily trio takes lead on environment

As the Iveco Daily celebrates 40 years of production, three engine variants have been launched that aim to cut the van’s impact on the environment.

Martin Flach, Iveco’s alternative fuels director, introduced the Blue Power range at an event at Goodwood – the Sussex estate which is home to the classic motor racing circuit – against a perception that puts transport as the prime source of pollution at major urban hot-spots and the increasing ‘demonisation’ of diesel.

“Diesel has been demonised” he said, “and all are agreed that diesel taxation is only going to increase.”

With growing pressure on manufacturers to address polluting emissions, the Blue Power range is Iveco’s response. It includes electric, natural gas – and a new generation diesel engine, Euro 6 RDE Ready. All benefit from Iveco’s heritage as well-built, dependable workhorses.

Daily Electric

Iveco entered the electric market in 2009 and today’s electric Daily is one of the most flexible heavy electric van ranges on the market, with a varied line-up of vehicles up to 5-tonnes and an extended range of up to 125 miles in real urban conditions from the 60kW motor.

It’s a vehicle that may make sense for last-mile city deliveries, but with a price tag heading upwards from £60,000, its appeal beyond that might be limited. Fitting the three batteries needed to deliver that full extended range is only available on 4100mm wheelbase models and will push the price over £85,000.

On Sussex’s undulating country roads, the van was sluggish and even more so in ‘eco’ mode which can be switched on to extend range.

But it’s in the city where the Daily Electric can demonstrate its real assets – payload up to 1300kgs, almost silent and emissions-free. It can be charged overnight or with a two-hour fast charger option, although finding public charging bays big enough for some of the more generously proportioned variants could be a challenge.   

Electric vehicles, just like their more conventional diesel or petrol counterparts, reward ‘light touch’ driving and operators would do well to assign them to drivers who will rise to the challenge of getting optimum range.

Daily Natural Power (NP)

Vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) combine the CO2 emission advantages of diesel with at least some of the environmental advantages of electric – lower pollutants and quieter, if not silent, running.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power also takes the lead as the first CNG-powered LCV with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Iveco sees the van as a bridge between the diesel and electric, an option for operators who have access to the fuel and who are looking for the environmental advantages without being compromised on range.   

Power comes from Iveco’s 3.0-litre F1C engine that generates 136hp and complies with Euro VI/D standards with 76% less particulate matter, 12% lower NOx emissions than IVECO’s Euro VI 3.0-litre diesel engine. In real driving conditions and in an urban context, CO2 emissions of the CNG engine are 3% lower than those of the equivalent diesel version. Hi-Matic transmission improves this performance, extending the gap to 5%. If biomethane is used to run the CNG engine, Iveco expects CO2 emissions to be close to zero, with a 95% reduction.

On the road, the CNG-powered van drives very much like its diesel counterpart, but noticeably quieter and the optional Hi-Matic transmission makes for an effortless drive. Should gas levels be running low with no access to fuel, a small ‘get me home’ tank of diesel is a reassuring addition.

Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready

With its Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready Iveco claims to have the most advanced diesel LCV on the market, the first to be tested and verified for Real Driving Emissions – ‘RDE-ready’ – anticipating the 2020 EU environmental targets.

It is powered by Iveco’s 2.3-litre F1A engine, which was fully re-engineered in 2016 to deliver greater durability and naturally low real driving NOx emissions. It features Iveco’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment system.

Tested by the independent Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, in accordance with the new official procedure for testing under real-world conditions, the Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready measured a conformity factor of 1.2 versus the 2020 limit of 2.1.

The Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready’s fuel efficiency is helped by a Start&Stop system as standard and Michelin eco-tyres, which are claimed to use 7% less fuel compared to the current version based on a real urban use.