July 18, 2019

B.W.Y. Canine sniffs out winners from Mercedes-Benz vans

Specialist dog search service B.W.Y. Canine has taken delivery of two Mercedes-Benz vans.

Based in Pembrokeshire, the company works for police forces and local authorities all over Britain, and relies on its Mercedes-Benz Citan and Vito crew vans to transport dogs, handlers, and equipment.

The small Citan 109 CDI Extra long and mid-sized Vito 114 CDI Long were supplied by Euro Commercials.

B.W.Y. Canine managing director, Stuart Phillips, founded his business in 2009. He recalled: “We tried other makes of vehicle initially but were not happy with any of them. Then I met Euro Commercials’ van sales manager Paul Cox, who persuaded me to try an Approved Used Vito. The difference in quality was striking, so much so that I determined only to choose Mercedes-Benz vehicles from then on. Next came the Citan, and now we’ve replaced that first Vito with a new one.”

Stuart continued: “Reliability and top-quality back-up are crucial to the smooth running of our operation. Supported by Euro Commercials, our Mercedes-Benz vans deliver on both fronts. They are superbly engineered and have never let us down. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, though, it’s very reassuring to know there’s a highly efficient safety net in place.”

As crew vans, B.W.Y. Canine’s vehicles have second rows of seats, so each can accommodate a driver and up to four passengers. Their cargo areas, meanwhile, are fitted with travelling boxes for dogs – the Citan can carry four, while the larger Vito has room for five.

B.W.Y. Canine has a staff of eight people and 15 dogs, most of which are cocker and springer spaniels. Typically, the dogs come from rescue homes and undergo approximately six months of intensive training to hone their detection skills. The dogs are used to to sniff out drugs, contraband and other illegal substances.

“Comfort and safety are crucial, both for our dogs and their handlers,” explained Mr Phillips. “They sometimes have to travel long distances so it’s vital that they arrive feeling relaxed, fresh and ready to work. Our Mercedes-Benz vans are great to drive and fitted as standard with a class-leading array of safety equipment.

“They’re also extremely cost-effective to operate. The monthly payments on the finance and maintenance plans are great value and mean we can budget with confidence, knowing there are no nasty surprises around the corner.”