July 18, 2019

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Google announce technology partnership

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Google have announced they will partner to embed the Android operating system in all vehicles sold by the automotive alliance from 2021.

Under the technology partnership, vehicles sold by Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi (The Alliance) will come equipped with the Android operating system, with navigation provided via Google Maps and access to a range of apps through the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, users will be able to answer calls and texts, control media, find information, and manage vehicle functions with their voice using the built-in Google Assistant.

As well as being equipped with the Android platform, the Alliance says each brand will have the flexibility to create a unique customer interface and specific features within its vehicles.

The infotainment partnership forms part of Alliance moves to equip more vehicles with connectivity and cloud-based services as part of its 2022 mid-term plan.

It also involves the launch of 12 new zero-emission electric vehicles, new autonomous-driving technologies and the ongoing rollout of the Alliance Intelligent Cloud.

Hadi Zablit, senior vice president of business development at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, said, “Our partnership with Google will offer owners of our vehicles rich user experiences that are currently available only outside the vehicle or, to a limited extent, by connecting an Android device to supported vehicles.”

Kal Mos, global vice president of Alliance Connected Vehicles at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, added, “With the integration of the Android platform into our infotainment systems, we are adding a new level of intelligence to our connected vehicles. In the future, the Google Assistant, which employs Google’s leading AI technology, can become the main way customers interact with their vehicles, hands-free. With Google Maps and the Google Assistant embedded in Alliance infotainment systems, our customers will have some of the most advanced AI based applications at their fingertips.”