April 26, 2019

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles partners with Balls to Cancer charity

To mark Male Health Awareness month, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched a campaign to help tackle testicular cancer, partnering with charity Balls to Cancer.

The brand is urging male van drivers to check themselves regularly – just as they would with a van service – and has released a TV advert that uses its Working With You promise to remind men of the importance of getting themselves checked.

The manufacturer has also kitted out a Crafter as a mobile clinic to tour its Van Centres; information will be available on site, and a Balls to Cancer representative and healthcare practitioner will offer advice on self-examination – or answer any other questions on the subject.

The UK records around 2,500 cases of testicular cancer every year – equivalent to more than six a day – yet 98 per cent of cases can be cured if caught early enough. Despite this, research shows men have their hair cut more often than they check themselves.

Sarah Cox, head of marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “Our customers’ vans are critical to their livelihoods, both professionally and personally. If there was something wrong with their van it could result in loss of work. It’s no wonder then that our customers are quick to get their van checked even at the smallest sign of an issue.

“But they don’t always apply that same urgency if they find a lump on their testicles. By partnering with Balls to Cancer we’d like men everywhere to take their own health as seriously as they take their vans. A problem with your van could result in the loss of work; testicular cancer could result in the loss of life. You get your van checked, so why not yourself?”

Mark Bates, Balls To Cancer co-founder, said: “We’re delighted to receive the support of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles during Male Health Awareness month. Traditionally men find it hard to talk about things like this but we’re proud to speak out and spread this life-saving message.”