August 23, 2019

Nissan unveils NV300 Concept-van at Brussels Motor Show

Nissan has created an all-new NV300 Concept-van to highlight the versatility of its commercial vehicles for a range of bespoke conversions.

Unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, the vehicle’s cargo area has been kitted out as a mobile workshop for a creative woodworking professional, which Nissan says illustrates how its LCV range can be the perfect partner for professionals working in any sector or trade.

The NV300 Concept-van also comes equipped with an integrated portable battery solution called Nissan Energy ROAM, which will launch in European markets this spring. With a storage capacity of 700Wh and maximum power output of 1kW, Nissan says this weatherproof power pack provides emission-free, silent power while on the go.

For a woodworker moving regularly between jobs, it would allow them to power their professional life – from tools to tablets – in a highly efficient and eco-friendly way.

Comprising second-life batteries recovered from Nissan LEAF electric vehicles which have come to the end of their life, Nissan Energy ROAM power packs can even be recharged using a solar panel accessory – as mounted on the roof of the NV300 Concept-van.

Francesco Giacalone, LCV planning and marketing director, Nissan Europe said: “With the NV300 Concept-van, Nissan is really thinking about the future of the commercial vehicle as an authentic partner for business customers. It’s practical and versatile as well as innovative and self-sufficient with the addition of Nissan Energy ROAM. We believe it has enormous potential in the LCV sector and is a key differentiator for Nissan commercial vehicles.”