December 15, 2019

Plumwood develops technology to help logistics industry navigate Smart Motorways

Commercial vehicle compliance company, Plumwood, has launched a new online portal that allows LGV operators and fleet managers to view how well their employees are driving.

The technology can be used to highlight which drivers regularly fail to meet compliance checks – such as speeding, not taking frequent breaks, or conducting daily walkaround checks – potentially saving operators from facing hefty fines or loss of their operator license.

With around 400 miles of road already converted to Smart Motorways – and even more in the pipeline – experts have warned that more checks will be needed as cameras are likely to catch more drivers falling foul of speed limits.

Drivers who fail to observe Smart Motorway speed limits could rack up sufficient penalty points on just a single journey so as to be unfit to drive, increasing the onus on fleet managers to check their licences on a more frequent basis.

Plumwood says the dynamic hard shoulder – when the hard shoulder is temporarily opened up to traffic – also means drivers cannot get complacent with conducting walkarounds.

Gary Wood, co-founder of the Rochester-based company, said: “We know that the introduction of Smart Motorways has been daunting for vehicle operators, especially when it comes to ensuring their drivers are safe and compliant.  The latest iteration of our technology will help managers identify drivers putting their business at risk.”