February 18, 2020

DfT undertakes major van study

The Department for Transport (DfT) is conducting a survey of van owners and users across the country to provide an accurate picture of van usage to inform future transport and environmental policies.

The last survey of its kind was carried out more than a decade ago.

The survey team at DfT have used details held by the DVLA to draw a representative sample of vans. The vehicles have been chosen from groups that depend on fuel type, vehicle age, and the region in which the vehicle is registered. Vehicles are not selected based on the name of the company although the DfT points out that the more vans a company owns, the greater the chance of it being included in the sample.

Van owners are asked to provide information about the purpose of van journeys, where and when vans are being used, considerations that influence van purchasing decisions and the environmental impact.

Findings from the survey will help DfT build a picture of the activity of all GB-registered vans. The data collected form part of the evidence base for making decisions on transport policy.

Results will be published and will be freely available.