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Ford is launching a holistic uptime service, called FordLiive, that aims to reduce customer van downtime by up to 60%. FordLiive promises major savings

Ford is launching a holistic uptime service, called FordLiive, that aims to reduce customer van downtime by up to 60%. FordLiive will be available to any customer with a connected van, that is one with the FordPass Connect modem installed. All of Ford’s vans have had the modem as standard since mid-2019 and the company believes there will be at least 1 million connected vans by this time next year. FordLiive will be free to customers running Ford Pass Pro, for fleets with less than five vans, or one of the Ford Telematics service offerings for larger fleets.

Vehicle health data is constantly sent by the FordPass Connect modem and Ford will analyse this van data to determine when individual vehicles will require preventative attention. The connected service includes Smart Maintenance, that aims to schedule servicing at the most efficient time for the customer. FordLiive also relies on the firm’s Transit Centre dealer network, which will see the data that is available to van owners through Ford Service Pro and be able to plan service and maintenance work accordingly.

There will also be a network of FordLiive Centres. There are currently three of these sites, one at Dunton in Essex for the UK and Ireland markets, one in Valencia for Spain, France and Portugal and a third in Cologne, for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additional sites will join the network over the coming months and Ford aims to cover 80% of European customers by the end of 2021.

The FordLiive Centres use what Ford calls Uptime Pro, a system that looks at data from Ford Transit Centres across Europe, to determine predictive maintenance interventions. If the system detects delays to repairs or repeated visits for the same vehicle, FordLiive agents will be able to advise on solutions to identify and fix underlying issues as quickly as possible.

The centres also provide a technical back-up service to the individual Transit Centres. Ford is currently trialling virtual reality headsets for its technicians and these will allow experts at the FordLiive Centres to assist those technicians remotely.

As the service is rolled out across Europe, Ford Fleet Management customers will be able to opt for tailored uptime solutions, developed around their individual operations. This will be delivered as part of the ownership package from teams within the FordLiive centres.

“Our customers’ businesses stop whenever their vehicles are off the road, said Hans Schep, general manager of commercial vehicles at Ford of Europe.

“Combining the benefits of real-time connectivity with our commercial vehicle know-how, FordLiive is the ultimate tool to optimise uptime.”