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LONG TERM TEST - Citroën e-Dispatch. Training to transition

So much of the discussion around our Citroën e-Dispatch is about range. Can it really do 205 miles on a single charge? I’ve never actually needed to. I do know that a heavy right foot on a dual carriageway will see the available range dropping far faster than it will in a diesel van. Yet, I have also seen that potential range figure rise, following stop/start travel through the centre of town.

In a recent bit of research for an article, I also discovered just how vital driver training will be, as fleets transition from diesel to electric. But are there any EV-specific van or truck training outlets available yet? Do let me know if you offer such a service.

This concentration on the EV bits of the van often overshadows just how good the actual Dispatch is, regardless of drivetrain. A recent bit of fence replacement meant purchasing some 3m long posts. Much to the amazement of the builders’ merchant, opening the Moduwork hatch in the bulkhead and lifting the left-hand passenger seat allowed the posts to fit easily through into the footwell. Brilliant!