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The UK Government announced a path to net zero in October, including a mandate requiring car firms to sell zero-emission vehicles from 2024. UK Gov set to impose mandate for Zero Emission Vehicles

The UK Government will implement a Zero Emission Mandate (ZEV) requiring car manufactures to sell an increasing amount of zero-emission vehicles from 2024. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is quoted stating “The UK’s path to ending our contribution to climate change will be paved with well-paid jobs, billions in investment and thriving green industries – powering our green industrial revolution across the country.”

The European Federation for Transport and Environment estimates that the ZEV mandate will save an est. 25% more CO2 by 2035 than using the regulation preferred in the EU, which also encourages the use of hybrid cars. Greg Archer, UK director of T&E said, “The ZEV Mandate provides the certainty industry needs about how many electric vehicles will be on the UK’s roads in coming years. It enables much better planning for the shift and much lower CO2 emissions. In parts of the UK, nearly 1 in 4 new cars sold is now battery electric.”

Included in the mandate is the aim for more active transport and use of public transport, following the ban on new non-zero emission vehicles from 2030 onwards.