The Magazine for LCV Fleet Operators

VanUser, now in its 35th year, has changed – to better reflect the exciting and challenging times for the light commercial vehicle sector. Launched in April 2021, the new VanUser embraces the transition to alternative fuels with a substantial part of the magazine devoted to petrol/diesel alternatives. We review the vehicles, explore the infrastructure and report on the opportunities of this new technology while retaining all our regular features.

We are also increasing our readership in the sector where we have always been strongest – SMEs with small- to medium-sized fleets. Readers have access to the magazine – digitally and in print – free of charge, providing their LCV fleet numbers at least five vans.

It’s a sector hungry for information, aware of the fine balance between cost, efficiency and duty of care. For many SMEs, fleet management often falls to non-specialists. VanUser delivers the broad range of information that they need to support them in that role.

The new VanUser provides a unique platform to reach this important sector. As well as traditional print advertising, 
we now offer a range of other promotional and branding opportunities – call us to find out more.

Meet the Team

Dan Gilkes

Dan Gilkes

After many years as technical editor at VanUser, Dan has now ‘taken the wheel’ as editor. After training as an engineer, Dan has established a reputation as one of the most respected commercial vehicle journalists in the UK.
07802 751473

Laura Munnings

Laura Munnings
sales manager

Laura leads the sales team at VanUser. As well as managing key accounts, with her knowledge of the sector built up over several years, she is well placed to advise clients on getting the most from the VanUser platforms.
01502 725866

Dan Rice

Dan Rice
sales executive

Dan is the latest recruit to the sales team. With practical experience in the sector, he leads on specialist features and has a particular interest in electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure.
01502 725858

Special Features Calendar

Racking and Storage
Publication date 1/2/21
Advertising deadline 15/1/21

Fleet management

Publication date 1/3/21
Advertising deadline 19/2/21

The Green Revolution

Publication date 1/4/21
Advertising deadline 19/3/21


Publication date  1/5/21
Advertising deadline 16/4/21

Publication date 3/6/21
Advertising deadline 21/5/21

Racking and Storage

Publication date 2/7/21
Advertising deadline 18/6/21

CV Show Preview
 / Safety and Security

Publication date 1/8/21
Advertising deadline 20/7/21

CV Show Review / Load Handling

Publication date 3/9/21
Advertising deadline 14/8/21

Publication date 1/10/21
Advertising deadline 17/9/21


Publication date 1/11/21
Advertising deadline 15/10/21

 Safety and Security

Publication date 9/12/21
Advertising deadline 19/11/21